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Personalized Nutrition Counseling

What is Nutrition Counseling?

Is it Right for You?

With a foods first philosophy, Gerling Dietetics and Nutrition designs sound, realistic, customized professional nutrition programs for individuals, groups, and businesses in the areas of health and wellness, fitness and sports, weight management (including bariatric surgery), and medical conditions such as diabetes and heart disease and many other medical conditions.  Nutrition counseling can help you live a healthier life!

Our Approach

You are what you eat…It follows that eating nutritionally sound foods will provide the foundation needed for a healthier you.  Nutrition counseling is a preventative, supportive, and therapeutic tool to enhance energy levels, affect weight, body composition, and laboratory results in positive manner.

Honest Results

Following our achievable and realistic nutrition plans will improve your health and reduce the risk of diet related diseases.  Unlike other nutrition plans or “diets”, we give advice on meal plans that are sustainable.  In other words, the plans are geared to be easily maintained to achieve your goals.

Nutrition Counseling
Sports Nutrition
Weight Loss
Medical Nutrition Therapy


Diet and lifestyle changes are a journey.  Clients who have committed to their health and implemented recommended suggested changes have achieved the following success*

Weight Loss

  • 5-15% weight loss in 3 to 10 months

Diabetes Management

  • 1-5% reduction in HgbA1c levels in 3-10 months
  • 2-10% weight loss in 2-5 months

  • Reduction of cholesterol levels and liver enzymes

Bariatric Sugery Preparation

  • 6-15% weight loss in 2-8 months

  • Improved eating habits to meet required long-term behavior changes for successful surgery

*Individual results will vary.


“I totally recommend Sally for nutrition counseling.  Sally as a person is very caring and knowledgeable.  I especially like the individual help as opposed to a class as it helped me concentrate on myself and my own personal goals.  I absolutely love the BodyComp Scale as it is been so helpful in moving forward with my nutrition plan.  I’ve been with Sally for three months and have brought my A1C level down from 11 to 6.4 and for those of us with diabetes that is big!.  Thanks for listening.


“It was evident from my first appointment with Sally that she was extremely knowledgeable and thorough in her analysis of my nutrition needs. She has a wealth of ideas and resources which she shares generously and in a kind and humorous way.  I feel very comfortable and relaxed talking to her as she encourages me in my weight loss journey.
I have been reporting to Sally for almost 8 months and have lost 9 pounds, balanced my eating habits, and I’m feeling much more energetic.  I wholeheartedly recommend Sally to friends, family, and others.”
Wes Dunn

“I was spinning wheels trying to improve my health.  I desired to make a lifestyle change that was well rounded and would help me take better care of myself, not just externally but internally also.  I chose to visit Ms. Gerling to guide me in the right direction.  After the initial assessment, I realized my problem was a diet laden with fast food and soda and I would only lift weights in the gym.  I have added healthy carbohydrates into my diet, omitted soda, and am adding more cardio to my exercise routine.  I now have higher energy levels, my waist has slimmed down, and my cardiovascular health had improved.”


“Sally Gerling gets to the heart of food and health.  Recognizing the emotional relationship people have with food, she analyzes the situations when overeating or less than healthy choices can be redirected to new, sustainable habits.  Sally takes time to get to know her clients “weaknesses” and is engaging and engaged.  Her guidance is in the back of my mind when I’m opening cabinets in the kitchen looking for snacks, when a walk or cup of tea would work just as well.  I take that step back and think of her words.  I highly recommend her services.”

Terri (T.B.)

I can’t tell you how much better I feel.  I don’t  get up feeling like my belly button is touching my back bone.  I don’t continuously eat trying to ease my hunger and tiredness.  I have a higher tolerance for exercise and I don’t feel like it leaves me bottomed out which then makes it harder to do my run (which I have increased by 1 mile/day).  I had been concerned about getting too many carbs that would affect my blood sugar so instead I was getting too few complex carbs.

I haven’t got it fine tuned yet but I am incorporating more of your info daily and feeling better because of it!

“I just wanted to thank you for helping me with my nutritional needs. Your advice for a better diet helped.
I just got my lab results back and this is just being on my new way of eating for a month.
My triglycerides went from 414 to 200, my A1C was 5.7 and my glucose went from 137 to 126.
My cholesterol stayed the same but I just started Cholestoff 2 weeks ago so I hope that will go down as well. Plus my good cholesterol went up.
So thank you so much!

Carole U.

 Having Trouble Finding a Nutritious Balance?

You’re Not Alone. And We’re Here to Help!

Our services include nutrition counseling and medical nutrition therapy.

Nutrition counseling includes weight management, nutrition assessment, metabolic testing, healthy eating plans for optimal health, fitness and sports  nutrition and more.

Medical nutrition therapy includes individually tailored nutrition plans to treat health issues.  This is ordered and approved by a physician and implemented thorugh a Registered Dietitian.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first step in improving my health?

The first step is to request an appointment or contact me so that we can start our assessment of your current health and discuss your goals.

How do you assess my health?

Your assessment is formulated from a number of various methods.  First, we discuss your habits and lifestyle such as your eating habits, your preferences, the amount of exercise you do, and what your health goals are, etc.

We will do a body composition test which will measure % of body fat, muscle mass, water, BMI (approximate Basal Metabolic Rate).

We are also currently implementing a metabolic test which will be available soon.


What is the assessment used for?

We use the assessment of your particular situation to develop a comprehensive nutrition plan.  This will include a healthy eating plan for optimal health and disease prevention, fitness and sports nutrition plan, a pregnancy and infant nutrition plan, a preventative health and wellness plan, or a Medical  Nutrition Therapy plan dependent on your specific goals and needs.

Does insurance cover your fees?

Gerling Dietetics & Nutrition accepts cash, debit/credit, and health savings accounts.

If desired, a Superbill can be provided that may help you get reimbursed by your insurance company.  Please contact me for further information regarding Superbills.

How can we learn more about nutrition?

Gerling Dietetics & Nutrition offers nutrition classes such as the 2020 Nutrition Bootcamp.  Call us for more information or to sign up!

What are your qualifications to provide nutrition counseling?

I am a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist and Certified Diabetes Educator.  I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Dietetics from the University of California, Davis, and my Master’s Degree in Nutritional Sciences from California State University, San Jose.  I  have over 30 years of experience in the nutrition, health and wellness fields in clinical, community health, consulting and education settings.  See About Us for more information.

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